Alberto Buiani was born in San Gimignano and the dream of this place remains in his artworks, he paints it not as it is in reality, but as he reminds it in the memories of youth.

His painting is material, rich of corporeal mixtures, which makes the picture alive, so that it’s made as a real decoration object. Moreover, everything is completed by a frame – not frame which is an integrant part of the work.
The themes are principally the places where the artist lives: S. Gimignano, Poggibonsi with the surrounding countryside, the Crete of Siena, Chianti shire, and then Woods… Flowers…
The color mixture of his painting, sometimes so dense that offers a tridimensional impression, is the element which succeeds in making even solid structures like towers, fortifications and bell towers, live and vibrate. Moreover, the chromatic intensity of painting gives lightness and airy atmosphere to the natural elements which often pass over the canvas, suggesting metaphorical openings towards new horizons and views.